aXichem’s product is the natural analogue of a substance called aXiphen®, a synthetically produced and patented capsaicin. Since aXiphen® is synthetically produced, the substance offers a wide range of benefits compared with natural capsaicin. 

aXiphen® is kind on the environment. The Company’s tests show that aXiphen® essentially exhibits the same properties as natural capsaicin. In terms of pungency, aXiphen® does not achieve the same levels as natural capsaicin but has a similar potency. However, the crucial difference is that natural capsaicin is extracted from chili peppers, which means that the quality varies and rarely reaches a concentration of more than 85%. aXiphen® has a minimum concentration of 97% and predictable properties. Thus, one gram of aXiphen® has a significantly stronger effect than one gram of natural capsaicin.

One of the major industrial advantages of aXiphen® is that aXichem can control its water and lipid-soluble capacity, which is essential for being able to use the substance in various types of finished products. aXiphen® also acts directly on the central nervous system and can therefore be used to repel nearly all living organisms, and in most situations where animals cause damage to structures, installations or buildings.

aXichem has commissioned several studies of the product in Scandinavia, both at sea and in the laboratory. The aim was to test effectiveness against common fouling organisms such as barnacles, but also to determine possible toxicity.