aXichem’s mission is to develop, patent and market natural-analogue substances. aXichem is currently focusing on aXiphen®, an analogue of natural capsaicin. Since aXiphen® is synthetically produced, the substance offers a wide range of benefits compared with natural capsaicin, which is extracted from chili peppers and therefore has varying quality. aXiphen® is not environmentally harmful and is thus a viable alternative with a wide range of applications in a variety of areas.

Independent testing has shown that Phenylcapsaicin has excellent properties and high bioactivity. aXiphen® is kind on the environment.

The Company’s tests show that Phenylcapsaicin essentially exhibits the same properties as natural capsaicin. One of the major industrial advantages of aXiphen® is that aXichem can control the chemical properties of the substance, which is essential for being able to use the substance in various types of finished products.