aXichem’s mission is to develop, patent and market natural-analogue industrial compounds. aXichem’s product is the natural analogue of a substance called Phenylcapsaicin, a synthetically produced and patented capsaicin. Since Phenylcapsaicin is synthetically produced, the substance offers a wide range of benefits compared with natural capsaicin.

The product is well-suited to a variety of applications, including marine antifouling paint, pest control in forestry and agriculture and certain pharmaceutical applications. Phenylcapsacin has also demonstrated potential properties as an antibiotic growth promoter in feed for commercial poultry production.

aXichem aims to become a global supplier of natural-analogue industrial compounds to players in the chemical industry that produce finished products containing aXichem’s ingredients.

In addition to supplying ingredients, aXichem intends to deliver knowledge to the industry and actively contribute to creating added value for its customers by focusing on product development and product customization.

aXichem purchases production capacity from a well-established and respected partner, and uses its expertise to create added value for customers. The Company’s customers produce and market products under their own brands; aXichem has conducted a number of analyses and studies in its pursuit of opportunities to industrialize and commercialize Phenylcapsaicin. The results of these studies form the basis for several current approval processes, particularly in meeting the criteria defined in the Biocidal Products Directive.